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Tron 3: Ghetto FIF

31 Mar

SO mad someone thought of this before me…i’m even more upset it took me so long to think of something so cleaver. BIG shout out to Juan Internet Jones for this one….The world’s richest man…”clackedy clack clack, i just brought this baby cash”

On another note…I am extremely glad Dave went out when he did…on top and not forgotten…the art of a good Slick Rick


Poft Zorn: The letter Y

31 Mar


30 Mar

Love: Or Else

30 Mar

Where are the women that are like this. There are so many guys that just really want a woman like this Dominic girl

Run Ryan….Run

Salt and Pepa’s Here…

30 Mar

Art is becoming life at an alarming alarming rate nowadays. Creativity is booming. Example is as such.


Headstomp: Origins

30 Mar

IMNOTATOY had this up…might be one of the funniest things I’ve seen this year. If this is a prank, break up, jealousy episode then it’s like top 10 all time. I WISH I could have seen this live.

Machete 2: My Shotty

30 Mar

I thought I saw it all when I saw the  AA-12 combat automatic shotgun. Exploding automatic shotgun shells….automatic shotgun…gun. Probably the most powerful weapon in the world next to a grenade launcher.  Then I way the machete sling shot. I’m convinced people are more on drugs than ever before.