We wanted ‘aliens’, the truth is out there…

2 Mar


This is a ‘Water Bear. After this I pasted the rest cause it was too much to type. Thanx GB. “

“Astrobiologists work at the cutting edge of scientific research, investigating the possibility of life elsewhere in our universe. They are, however, plagued by a single, potentially critical problem: a lack of samples. Studying alien organisms is naturally difficult when none have been discovered.

Some scientists have taken a novel approach to circumventing this issue. Life on Earth is abundant, and often very hardy. Extremophile creatures exist in places we would consider as exceptionally hostile, such as deep in the ocean floor or areas where even a drop of water is almost impossible to find. Similarly, some of the potential places for life elsewhere in our solar system, such as the planet Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa, or Saturn’s moon Titan, have conditions that are viewed as extremely hostile but still potentially survivable. So extremophile organisms are studied in lieu of genuine extraterrestrial samples, to see if they could survive the rigors of life beyond the Earth. Recent research has shown that water bears can survive the dangerous conditions of space. Previously, the only organisms that have been exposed to the radiation and vacuum of space and lived to tell the tale are certain types of bacteria and lichen. That simple animals like tardigrades also can survive gives more credence to the theory of panspermia, which claims that organisms could move from world to world after travelling though space.”

For more info: http://www.space.com/5974-alien-water-bears-amaze-scientists.html


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