And Death is her sister (Miami Heat Edition)

7 Mar


If  you’ve watched a Miami Heat game this year they lost AND you were disgusted…then I got news for you. The NBA is fixed, or David Stern hands out punishments like no other. # 1 The refs call bogus calls is not number # 1….NO. # 1 is the Cleveland Cavilers  that won over 60 games with Lebron and a talentless squad. Yes you would take BIBBY or HOUSE over MO WILLIAMS. Yes YOU would take JAMES JONES over BOOBIE GIBSON. They have Big Z and who ever their power was, you would take Olympic Gold Medalist Chris Bosh over him. And you have D WAD3. He won 40-50 games, by himself and HASLEM, and fought hard in playoffs. SO you mean to tell me with Lebrons skills, the Heat aren’t better than his old Cavilers?

Before I go in like gone. Lebron has been sitting whole 3rd quarters and not taking shots. Bosh shot 1 for 19 one game and was given that opportunity but when he shot 9 for 14 he got no touches. Wade, where are you…oh in the lane throwing up prayers. Anyway. I still want the Heat to make some noise.

Advice: PLAY DEFENSE (I may be, I may be, I may be WRONG), STOP PLAYING like A-holes cause you don’t have the season in your hands yet, and most importantly….have a designated game plan of who stars each night based on the match up afforded to you that night. (It’s Bosh and Wade nite, it’s James nite and we support this player…btw it shouldn’t be a Dampier nite or a bench player night but maybe a 6 man bench team nite)… SIMPLY STUFF.

3 superstars that carried their individual teams and have GOLD medals should not be struggling like this at all. BTW HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOUBLE TEAMING OTHER TEAMS AND NO ONE DOUBLE TEAMS YOU….?


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