Kobe Wan Kenobi

7 Mar

I didn’t used to like Michael Jordan. But I had to respect him. I didnt like Kobe (insert all his mistakes and wins against my favorite teams here).  Not to disrespect him though, he will never be MJ. See how i wrote MJ and you already know who sans the picture.

Kobe copied a lot of people over his career.  Tracy McGrady with leg sleeve, Iverson with arm sleeve, headband of Rasheed, fist pump and tongue of MJ, attitude of KG (that crazy Kobe face KG been doing since high school). He has copied but I think KB24 has finally found his way. He sat and watched, played with greats and now is a great. Get that money playboy.

One will never be Jordan, even with a early start in the league it’s is safe to say no one will ever be Jordan simply because everyone compares their game to MJ. Except Wilt…Wilt said to Jordan “Once they change the game for you, then you’ll be as good as me) *as a side not, they did change the rules for Allen Iverson. (More players respect A.I. more than you realize)

Jay Z of Basketball

kobe won kinobi

kobe won kenobi


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