You don't have to 'Like'…

8 Mar

*Q – Why aren’t you on Facebook?

A lot of people talk but most without knowledge. Everything is automated now even communications. We are an update away from putting our social security number on our (Place social networking page here). Google is out new dictionary, Wiki is our new encyclopedia. And they are excellent. (Even urban dictionary is great) The internet is getting the information super highway thing down to a ‘ t ‘. But social networking…another story. Knowledge is power, information is power. I could and would rant and rave about it, but i’d be a drop in the bucket of people that have spoken out on the web. You dont have to like it, you dont have to love it, but you gotz to be careful. Privacy setting no matter how high you set them can still be viewed by the web hosts   who upon sign up say “we own everything you put on here, your stuff belongs to us”. Personally, I like FB, Twitter, and the lot, but the proverbial big brother (or sister, it’s 2011) can sit back and retire now that you tell him (or her it’s 2011) everything about your life (oh cause you’re just telling your friends who should already know this stuff anyway *cause they are your friend in real life and you communicate with them* when really you are tell your neighbors kids and your ex boyfriends ex girl friend cause you followed her friendship so you are really telling him) with pictures and updates. His (or her, it’s 2011) internet is your life.


*If your phone can be tapped, if they have caught preditores with text messages, then a world wide system of saving files for the world to see it child’s play. “You know Ken had a baby, you know Susan tried to kill herself, you James got a new car, did you see their kitchen, she going to Vegas, he’s in the shower, they still together, he be getting high, i don’t even know him, everyday he’s hustling, she be with a lot of guys, did you know that about him, i though she was cool, let’s just check their page….”

“Protect your neck” – Wu Tang


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