If you’re an adult.

11 Mar

When you are working your 9-5 gig, the first thing you wanna know is…am I on time…”yes 9:01 am, screw you boss person”…when is lunch…”12 o’clock already? I haven’t even started to work, but I have to eat. People are so crazy on *place social networking site here*, i’m so glad they haven’t blocked it.”…and lastly “4:59 PM,  F that last minute, I’m salary anyway, they can kiss my.”. All they need is a Friday countdown clock….dam you Juan internet Jones. Don’t steal my Friday Countdown Clock Idea…




One Response to “If you’re an adult.”

  1. Jeanie Pasley March 18, 2011 at 12:33 #

    Impressive item – I enjoyed it very much! Jeanie Pasley

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