Charlie Sheen beats Zombie

14 Mar

Charlie Sheen is big now. Someone please tell CBS. I’m sure you’ve seen all the interviews. If you haven’t, check them out. Very funny stuff. But to me Charlie Sheen isn’t crazy as these interview portrayed.

Charlie is off the drugs, right. A lot of the interviews now a days are doctored. Spliced. Re spliced, kinda like the homer simpson interview <<<click that link or youtube Homer Simpson bad man. My point, about the Charlie Sheen though. This guy was living his life as the highest paid tv actor on that show nobody named me watched. He was on the drugs and did it hard admit-tingly so. Had a classic meltdown that TMZ happened to be there for yet again. This time, however, this celebrity came out clean and unexpectedly unjacked from the matrix (which is the world of media filters and looking good and proper for the camera-ness. Like a person who make money and just got off of drugs should.) No need to filter his speech, or go to AA meetings, or do commercials about how he loves dogs and how he wouldn’t hurt another one. No, he came out and said you rat bastards can’t control me (in so many words).

Thanks for the favor I will not go out in silence especially while i’m in the 7th minute of my 15 minutes. CBS call him up and do 7 shows. The ratings will be through the roof. (And CBS don’t tell me it’s not about the money). I’m sure Charlie hasn’t felt any better. He doesnt have to answer to anyone or live a lie. He can say what he wants and the sheep people will listen. His Twitter account is blowing up so much it caused a earthquake in Japan. He is FREE in every sense of the word. He did his time. He’s not mel gibson or linsey lohan. He’s not sorry. He’s not back. He’s been a TOP GUN. This is what a free un-hinged man sounds like in Hollywood. It’s not rants and raves. It’s his head. Mark my words…Charlie will be silenced. Not by my hand, but if you see him with a face tattoo, or with dead hookers blood on his hands then you will know.

Like Eminem said, “If I die tonite, you know why, cause I taught you to fight.” And we all know Em was dead for a minute, now he’s doing Superbowl commercials and nes-tea adds and looking about as soft as white bread. Charlie, yes, he beat the media Zombie look. He’s not a zombie for the media anymore, we’ll see how long his tidal wave last.

cezlyoungcha cezloldchar

Tweet it: Eventually we all get old and die.


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