I can’t speak for all Philadelphians: Phill-these

14 Mar

First of all, there are a couple choice words I have to say to San Fran and thier great season last year that don’t rhyme with congratulate. In fact it would seem more like hate. I want to take care of home first though. San Fran (in my San Fran alternative lifestyle voice) We won, we’re the champs, with our Sparta beards and long haired-ness). In my New York Yankees voice. “You know San Fran won because they had a gimmick. Way back it was the pin strips for the Yankees. People were excited about the pinstripes and the for San Fran it was the hair. Beards and long locks and mohawks. The people came for the style, they couldn’t name 5 players. Like who is that guy that was smacking them out the park every game. NO idea. But you you remember their weirdo pitchers don’t you. 

Ok now in a south Philly voice, “Yo, Philly is back baby, we are gonna beat ASS like a rented mule this year”. Pitching is maxed. Ego’s driven. $alaries no longer an issue. Philly has always been Werth it, but our direction this year is to win Win WIN. No more seeing how it goes, or dealing with attitudes.  We are our attitude and that attitude is sparked by getting our ass kicked last year. We don’t want to win, We HAVE TO WIN IT ALL THIS YEAR. Respect us and our video game comercials and our tv spots and magazine ads. Philly is back baby 1980, 2008, 2011-2012 Champs. You might not have heard it here first, but the picture below is my inspiration.



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