“They Always Say That” – Rogues Gallery from Movies

15 Mar

gif by cezl

To start i’ll say Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men is my favorite, but not of all all time. Although its pronounced more like Antwayne Sugar…he’s a bad bad man. No sugar in this tank. There are a couple menacing characters in movie’s that make Darth Vader, Pinhead and even Vorhees. Jason is a comical list topper.

Movie baddies like Chigurh make them look like puppies…ok maybe not puppies, but dated and grandfathered to say the least. No country for old men symbolizes TO ME the end of the old tuff guy villian and a type of  by any mean necessary attitude of cold blood psycho. The best lists out there feature old and new character, but the new ones are far more diabolical. Because i’ve seen a list that was almost perfect I dont wanna make my own. However I will toss names out there of people that would be on my list. Starting with Annie Wilkes aka the crazy chick from Misery, Stunt man Mike from Death Proof, and the shower guy Norman Bates in Phycho. The Shining guy with his “Here’s Johnny” became comical but he was serious. In comparison to the goof troop in House of 1000 corpses / debil rejects the guy from the shinning seems like your regular weekend religious group. (So i don’t score the shining guy as high as I do count Captain Spaulding and crew. IT the clown, Chucky, and Freddie would have went down in the 3rd to the family of psychos).

Moving on…Batman…um I mean Christian Bail in American Psycho ranks, Alex from A Clockwork Orange ranks, *SB – the guy in the wheel chair should be on this list too…that revenge was diabolical*. Um…Mr. Blonde (up there with Chigurh on the wacko meter) from Reservoir Dogs wasn’t even suppose to be scary at all and this guy is off on his own kick stand. Auuuummm…Silence of the Lambs guy is cliche but i mean yea, he was Terror. Terror however was the Dark Knights’ Joker. Stellar performance, one of a kind, tragic loss, blah blah blah, that guy killed that roll in a good way. Seriously. THIS Joker was prit tea outrageous…and he won in the end as if his name was Joker Chigurh. *Winning*.

If comics counted we could go on forever but Nitehawk vs his version of the Joker in the Hyperion series of Squadron Supreme was…actually all those bad guys were terrible in that series (Babies died horrible deaths and there was even a human shish-kabob moment when one bad guy wreaked havoc on a mall. No terror from comics, Movies only if you have a thought.


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