How Men cook: For Women

16 Mar

Women. There are plenty of guys that can cook. They call them chefs. That same chef can’t throw it 78 yards to another none chef that catches it and gets six. MEN!! Sometimes we forget that if we throw it down in the kitchen so we can *SIX…(yea, anyway).

Chefs can be athletes, I know a couple, men and women CHEF-THLETES (I know you heard it *hear first). This goes out to the guys that have cooked for a girl with the rhyme and reason that last weeks baked chicken can be nuked in like 2 (sometimes 3) minutes with the left over rice from the Chinese food with a lil water and some Sa-Ause (sauce…pick one, i dont care). Pow, hit the 2, back to Madden, So-Com, Active Warfare, World of Wow edition, N – B – A Fifa…beep beep beep…done. Ice Tea, bottled water, sister’s old candles, Jimmies old school slow Ipod mix…and then…tha pan-tease. Achievement unlocked. 2 minute drill beta…don’t forget a clean napkins/ paper towel/ wash cloths. Shout out to the microwave guys out there that truly understand a two minute drill.




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