Mickey Mouse: Jerk Emeritus

18 Mar

I never went ape-crap over Mickey Mouse. Last thing I want to see is a mouse. Real or ‘cute and cuddlie”…and Mickey wasn’t cuddlie’ either. My son will cuddle with Minnie and my daughter will cuddle with Mickey if it comes down to it. Most likely though it will be whatever is new. (Dora…got ya…you didnt know who that was when you were watching turtles and my little pony). Relevance. Mickey mouse is the only MOUSE you know that has a dog…wth is that. His dog is the closest thing to Uranus…which make him an a$$ for having a dog as a pet and a real best friend as a dog. To ME, it went like this – Mickey never hung with duckie but i’m sure he was pushing up daisy’s in a minnie with a dog faced goofy friend. And if that’s how mouse’s (mice) sound…then i’d have to be daffy if it came down to it.




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