Wrap: Can’t live with it…etc

28 Mar

Rap is has been crazy repetitive for years. 50 came through like (Miami) Hurricanes do, Hurricane Chris came through and we started see. True rap has some really hot people that came in the game. Remember Onyx, Outkast, Jay Z, Nas, were young and hot. Emimem and DMX held it down then Joe Budden and Ludacris became the young faces of hip hop. The Clipse and Jeezy stepped on the block soon after.  Lately (like last 5 years) it was Wayne and Ross and TI dropping listenable albums. (I’m not talking bout hip hop Mos Def, Roots, Busta and the likes…i’m talkin bout rap rap. Not the tic tic bump beats, but click click boom she*et).

T-Pain, Souja Boy became standards and we lost site of the rap game. We had to respect the money making aspect of things. Then again we dint want to…at least i dint. Rap is pretty wack now. Whoever is hot, like say a Nicki Minaj, is holding it down and we are waiting for the next new face, like say a Ludacris. Snoop has made another album, Redman has made another album, Onyx is working on one, J will, Nas will, Wayne will…and it wont sound like the ‘crap’ that IS out there (i hope). Who will be the next to hold it down for rap? Cam’ron was corny and hot all at the same time. Cam has his own style and killed Jay Z with his own style, Jay came back sounding like same ole Jay.

Ghostface called the class of 2010 rapper “soft as baby thighs”. Like that includes Drake, Wale, Wiz K, Bruno Mars, Asher Roth, and OJ the Juiceman…all them from 09-10. No shots fired back. Where will rap go….cause i want to listen. Will  Tyler the Creator be the face of Rap….cause i’m sick and tired of the crap posted below. Take a listen….

Origin ?


El Remix



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