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Hybrid The Jackal: Inner-State Steelo

28 Apr

Hybrid The Jackal does it again. New Video. Hot Lyrics. Hip Hop ain’t dead.

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Ron Racer: The Story of Country Fried Jesus

28 Apr

Ron Racer and the story of Country Fried Jesus:

“…didn’t know so many people prayed to baby jesus, …. i pray to breaded jesus cuz babies dont understand…,”

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Check your ‘Stash

28 Apr

Certain things will forever be uncool. Certain clothing, wooden shoes, a Yugo car, racism, etc. Some times items make it back into modern culture and they are viewed as cool like stone wash jeans, horn rimmed glasses, leggings for men. One thing that hasn’t gotten over the hump is the Hitler mustache. They say Michael Jordan has it in his new Hanes non Charlie Sheen commercial. The Hitler ‘stashe as far as I can remember has only been popular on 2 other ‘people’. Charlie Chaplin and Moe from Pep Boys. Are there any other famous Hitler-stashions?

Wait? Lost? Raven and Aretha?

28 Apr

These two women lost weight. I didnt save you the trouble, but this may be something to Google. They talking about they been eating right…I want to say these pictures are photo chopped. Raven was big as Missy and is now skinny like Lauren London. Aretha looking healthy and not her usual HEALTHY self. Miracles pee po….maricals….

Not the Raven you remember

Aretha Who?

In Retrospect: Antwone Dodson Error Over

28 Apr

Is it safe to say they never found “you”. Can my kids, and wives and husbands too come out from hiding. What was some serious threats became another Soulja Boy-est ride to 15 minutes of fame and CASH MONEY. In all seriousness it was too funny, with spinoffs, virals of virals, holloween costume drama and Iphone apps. is it safe to say it’s over. Are Antwone Dodson’s 15 minutes up. Can he and his now glorious hair live a “normal” life? I dont know I dont talk to him, but the LOL’s were priceless…

Sixers: This is the season we wanted

28 Apr

Sixers have lost to the Heat 4 – 1. The one win was to generate money in the Heat stadium and to have a win at home for the fans. NBA cares. Good job to the Heat. Now on to Boston.

Enough about other teams. The Sixers had a great season no one expected. Kudos to the coach and players for there efforts this season. I went to many games at the beginning of the season. I was impressed with the line up and the direction of the players. I cant blame Brand this year. Hawes was awesome. Lou was humble off the bench and explosive when it counted. Holliday was excellent. Meeks rained out of nowhere. Bang Bang Shrimp Andre Iggy Dolla was his steller self though plagued by injury. I cant take anything away from the team playing as a team. Shout out to Young and Speights and Battie, without them we wouldnt be anywhere.

Thing is we the Sixers are missing one piece. Maybe even two. Is it from the bench? Is it another 3 point specialist? Hornets got Jack and he played his roll, unlike a Melo who became the face of a team. Hawes is good in and out but a lil more strength in the post is need. Brand may have to be a part of a second unit that comes in and scores as fresh tall strong fast legs start out the game and bring energy. We are missing something. We could have beat the Heat. We are glad we didnt draw Boston or the Bulls. We were right were we need to be against and unidentified Heat team this year.

Thank you Sixers, hope we can get it together for next years Championship run.

Poft Zorn: Package Delivery

28 Apr

When you see it...