Deja Vu: Seeing is believing

15 Apr

Eye usually play tricks on us. Seeing is believing, believe in what you see. At times we see things that should be moving and cant believe it and vise versa. You don’t?…I’ll change the subject. Deja Vu by definition is not what we perceive.

‘There are often references to deja vu that aren’t true deja vu. Researchers have their own definitions, but generally déjà vu is described as the feeling that you’ve seen or experienced something before when you know you haven’t. The most common misuse of the term deja vu seems to be with precognitive experiences, experiences where someone gets a feeling that they know exactly what’s going to happen next, and it does. An important distinction is that déjà vu is experienced during an event, not before. Precognitive experiences, if they are real, show things that will happen in the future, not things that you’ve already experienced. (However, one theory about déjà vu deals wit

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