I cant speak for all Philadelphians: Andre Iguodala

15 Apr

Andre Iguodala…dala…dala…dala…. Sixers are in the playoffs baby. The Sixers did not squeak in either. They have fought hard and I believe they can beat the Miami Heat. Although I’m excited for Doug Collins (should have got Coach of the Year) this is gonna be about, dare I say, a HUMBLE Andre Iguodala.

Playing with the team in the system, sacrificing stats to play the team game. Sixers have looked good since week one. Yes there were losses, but they were tough close loses. If you play the game like they did then you understand that those losses you MUST get back. The rewards have harvested to playoff fruit…or whatever. Andre was hurt and they won a couple.

Lou has been a solid 6th. Hawes, Holiday, Big Meeks and the Elton Brand of Dukes past. This is about Iggy though. I hate calling him Iggy, and people look at you crazy when you say Dala…Dala…Dala…sooooo…I got a name for the man. Andre Iguodala – Bang Bang Shrimp!!!…Yea…!! People tried to call him Iggy Hop. He looks like an Iggy and he is clearly 6 foot 6 and no shrimp by any stretch.

What is he know for though …lemmeanswerthatforyou….

DUNKS…BANGS…*long pause and stern stare*….Bang Bang….Bang Bang !!! On people over people through people. We could call him Wild Cat…but Bang Bang Shrimp is hot. It might not be but that’s my name for the man. ‘ ThinguaDala ‘ got skills and he is still the leader of Da Sixers and we are gonna COOL the Heat…WE ARE ONLY WORRIED ABOUT THE THUNDER IN PHILLY…and maybe Orlando, but they have their own problems. Lets go AI 24…er ah Bang Bang!!!


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