Marketing: Food Trust Issues

15 Apr

Have you ever got a call saying you won something, or clicked that link on that page that said you would win SOMETHING hot at the moment. Ipad, Ipod, Wii, nifty hat…yes you have, and you got a lot of pop ups and you had to restart you computer. Well that nonsense happens with food too.

Ever buy those fake brand name pies or cereal and end up having to throw it away. It’s not ” you get what you pay for” with food…is it? Thats not cool. I understand it ALL can’t taste the same but there is a lot of *sameness with other brands (Car, clothing, Pokemon brands). Food shouldn’t be soooo hit or missn (yes they should, but just go with it). I get it…flavors, nifty packagingness, crispness, fizziness. Back up…to the “you get what you pay for”.

I brought a big box of cereal from the dollar store (Philly has the many dollar stores, whut?!)…BIG BOX…one bowls worth of cereal. It tasted like donkey. ‘Donkey cereal’ they should have called it. Potato chips. Yum. Used to be a quarter, 25 cents is now a dollar,  $1 USD, and you get far less chips. Munchos chips have the most integrity, but enough sodium to open your own Chinese food restaurant. FIN. No wait. Not FIN. Here are my top 5 this month that drive the ‘Don’t trust Me’ lunch truck. 

1. Wasabi Kit Kat….

2. Rip off

3. Dont heat this up, it never works…plastic melts with heat!

4. Push Here equals stab me with knife please.

5. You eat lunch alone, this is why…money bags…(it’s not food but it deals with food)


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