Cute Moral Genetics Parenting 101

18 Apr

Cute pictures like this sometimes remind us of how simple life can be on this planet.

Sans the bills, the boss, and the B.S. a stole with a mate and the seed with sun on your face by the beach is up there on priceless moments as slide down in the snow trying to catch the bus. Families are so very different for everyone. Your aunts kids are nothing like your uncles kids and your grades aren’t even good enough to compete with the neighbor kid. This partner can run 5ks, your partner can cook for days. There is something though that each family does as a unit well that they sometimes don’t realize. Clean driving records, bad trips, clumsy dexterity, sharpshooting, athletic and sometimes plain old being a jerk-ness. Great great great grand parents may have hand these attributes. Instilling behavior or conditioning takes planning and testing. Sometimes this fails.

Take for instance bodybuilder Gene Jantzen with his wife-Pat and eleven month old son Kent. Almost wish the little kid was smoking. With no internet, society peer pressure, and media based propaganda (ah haaaa, there was sooo much propaganda back then, scratch that) there was much more planning and development of youth i believe.  There is a moral dilemma here for me as well. Parent is a body builder. What makes you think the child wants to be a bodybuilder, maybe they have genetics for investment banking. Parents constantly push their missed life opportunities and failures on children as well as their skill sets and gifts. Your child, your rules, your money, but the school of thought here is that the child will be more like you or develop into an adult that can care for them self and survive in a world that demands money, survival and intelligence. Where does the line of exploit and benefit begin?

Getting your child to be a clone of you and not what they want to be is not cute (to me) but if parents are parenting then that is all that matters in the long run. FIN.


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