Friday Footwear: Worm

18 Apr

Worm was a bad boy. Worm was a Bad Boy (Bulls). Number 10 was retired on Detriot Pistons, 91, 73, and 70 came later. Rebounds per game – 13. Piston, Spurs, Mavericks oh and the Bulls.

Worm played like what Legends are made of. He was tough in Detriot, discovered in San An, Immortalized in Chicago and grazed in Dallas. Wild, tattooed, vulgar and focused his shoes were much of the same. He was apart of the Ndestrukt Nike line that featured Zo Mourning and several other strong and rough NBA ballers. If you are young, Dennis Rodman is a combination of Tim Duncan, Ron Artest, Birdman, and if your old he was Oscar Robinson, Bill Russell and Charles Barkley, but in reality there was no other and he made sure of that by hard work, tenacity and image. His most remember shoe were the Converse from the sacrifice ball save posters and the Ndestrukt by Nike.

Though he wore many lines the Nike Darwin was also a sneaker head favorite and came in many colorways. 

Converse (Above)

Nike Air Darwin

Ndestrukt Nike Air Shake (below)


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