I cant speak for all Philadelphians: The Jason Werth Edge

18 Apr

Oh, another tidbit about J Werth. The former bearded one. Let the record show that I was a (and still try to be) a Jason Werth supporter. The guy can play. He plays hard. He’s underrated although stats don’t lie. Instant fan favorite. blah blah blah. Like most good things Philly sports teams have they are quick to not reward or open wallet for ANYONE.

If Jordan played in Philly he would have took his talents to South Beach. Can we blame Jason. The pun was “You’re Werth it”, now the pun is “Was it Werth it”. Here’s a guy that spends half of half his time trying to get you out of his personal life, the other half of half with his family, and the rest being criticized because he cracked a couple balls out the park when we need ball cracked out the park. Relevance?

Werth stays for less, wins ANOTHER ring, THEN gets traded and ends his career a ‘Ringer’ er um winner. Too much like right. No. I believe he has done what we see happen often. (By the way I know what happened from the box to the dugout, he’d have been gone anyway regardless MAYBE). What happens often? Players and people want to see what is behind door number 1, which isn’t always another baseball championship. What happens is you get injured for the same pay when you could have maxed yourself out and covered all bases. On the fence is where I am with Werth coma Jason.

Good players are good players. Loyalties are loyalties. Smart is smart. At the end of my days at least.

Young Werth signed with the Orioles...or something like that

Werth as WWE superstar Edge


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