The End is Near: The Sequel

18 Apr

Planet X - Nibiru

We are constantly bombarded with theories about when the world will end. 

There are about 44 failed predictions. This last Myan Predition about 2012 seems to be the next big thing. The reason this all happens in 2012? Planet X….the Red planet…Nibiru. This planet is on its own orbit which intersects with out solar system. Tragedy. Big red planet running a red light doing it’s best Kool-Aid ala Juggernaut impersonation. If the planet misses we will not be out of the water.

My personal thought is we will be IN the water (or the snow). Not so much of the floor whipping up from behind like someone is trying to vacuum up earth like in the movies.  (Other thoughts say that the Aliens that planted us here are coming for harvest). Scared yet…don’t be. As you got older Freddie, Jason, and Ghost busters became more comical than nitemare-ish. (Ghost busters scared me, so whut). We song party till it’s 1999, we survived y2k, what’s the worst that could happen…i really don’t know. I hope for our sake Earth isnt smashed to pieces, 40 years of water would be much better.


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