I cant speak for all Philadelphians: Talking Trash

19 Apr

They say it’s the city of Brotherly Love. Why. The tough love comes from respect. Not the respect owed. Not the respect taken. Just respect.

It’s hit or miss when you say hello here. You may find a friend for life. You may find a reason to never come back. No one owns a block in Philly like they do in New York. We own the city. No one is the biggest fan is Philly, we are the fans. There is no one or two gangs in Philly, like in Cali or Detroit or Chicago. What you do know is that if you are from South Philly and you go to North Philly it may be obvious that you are not from the same neighborhood, but you wont die over it.

Most poeople that live in Philly don’t understand that there may never be a reason to leave your side of the city because it is so evenly divided with marketing, race, and beliefs. You know who lives in Nicetown, you know who lives Down the Bottom, the Bad Lands, The Northeast, C0bbs Creek and Frankford. You dont have to go to Chinatown to run into Asian people. What you have to do is respect the people where ever you go, cause that Philly pride young and old may come gurgling up. Not for kudos, not for royals, not for fame.

Only for respect, cause we’ll try to respect you. Once the disrespect starts then it’s a problem…


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