Johnny Kilroy: Basketball Emeritus

19 Apr

There will never be another Johnny Kilroy.

We’ve see snake charmers and 3-D this year. We have seen many great players in the NBA. We have a 50 All-Time list. We have a 50 Greatest list. We have even seen 50 greatest in the league right now this season. We have not seen another Johnny Kilroy. Basketball has seen in my it’s greats.

My list has names like Oscar Robinson, Shaq, Tim Duncan, Earl Monroe, Wilt Chamberlain, Allen Iverson, C Webb, CB4, Cassel, Reggie, Jesus Smooth, Malone, Pat, Penny, and many more. More so based on dominance in position and ability to be a TRUE game changer. Not all champions. All nothing like Johnny Kilroy.  Nike honors J Kill in a short selection of videos. If you never heard of him then you dont know basketball.

There is no greater player with more love of the game.


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