Moral Inception: Immoral Inception

19 Apr

If you missed it I spoke about movies telling the future of our future. Future prep.

—–> The Future: Movies

However my biggest point should have been rooted in a movie like Inception. Inception clear changed two the mind of 3 men. How? By going into their heads and changing their minds. This concept is pre 70’s, pre 60’s, and prehistoric. We do it with children, with teachers, with students, and with partners.

Best portrayed in Squadron Supreme the graphic novel by J. Michael Straczynski. There was a machine that was used to make the bad guy the captured good. Imagine capturing Dr. Doom or Magneto and making them good guys through mind control. Wait…they did that and they were pissed. It’s like the movie Being John Malkovich when Schwartz controlled him. Only in the movie a ‘Seed’ was planted…and idea…i really hope you saw this movie. Relevance?

Just as the guns are introduced in movies and games, just like how cars, machines, and design are introduced in movies, this Seed was also planted in our brains. When we see it in 6 months then we’ll say “Oh that’s just some Inception stuff. Just wait until they are sleeping then change their mind. Unethical they used to call it I think, immoral for short… Thing is if you don’t believe movies influence life then take a look at one of the greatest movies series gadgets…


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