Top 100 Greatest Movie Characters ??

19 Apr

There are 2 Black people on this list…TWO…so there is some bias…a lot of bias here. There are also about 7 terrible pics on here. Like number 7 Hans Gruber could have been Blade, Darth Maul or Batman (I AM TOO LAZY TO MAKE MY OWN LIST).

There were two too many characters from Harry Potter, one could have been Lenard from Momento, or the guy from Clerks, Hitch/ Hancock/ Mike Lawry. There are some good ones though. See for yourself or the Predator. Sara Conner is on here along with Snake Plissken which is accurate, but two guys from the James Bond Series and the Big Labowski is no good. If they are the greatest, that means they stole the show. (I know i said Darth Maul earlier) Luke would have to sit for Vader, Apollo would have to sit for Rocky. How do you get a guy like Mr Blonde who totally stole the show and then you have Mr. Pink. Mr Pink was great cause he dint tip.

That’s about it. I will try to redu this list. Vin Diesel needs to be on here with Omar Epps, Jack Sparrow (Depp) and Spawn.  (Sam Rothstien Robert DiNero shout out)



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