Triple H VS Christian Bale: Jesus cast call

19 Apr

Christian Bale has already played Jesus in a movie. If you are a from one of those other religious groups Christian Bale doesn’t quite do it. There is a group that wanted the Warrior Jesus. The One that didn’t take any stuff, that came in on a white horse and not a little ass. He kicked a lot of it though. These kind of people I call the Triple H Jesus People. Unfortunately, that’s not how the story goes.

Christian Bale’s Jesus was normal, humble and had mutant abilities. You would have feared the beard if everyone didn’t have a beard. No matter, most likely you if you lived back then you would have traveled miles to see him. Just liked you would travel miles to see the Cowboys, the Yankees, or Manchester United. The normal Jesus would get a World Series, NBA Championship, Macy’s Day parade kind of crowd right…wouldn’t you call out of work to see if you believed…or would you catch him next time.

Would you come see Triple H on a white horse or Christian Bale?


Is all this some real nonsense because you believe Jesus is Black?


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