Tuesday Meal Time: Bad Apple

28 Apr

White Apple I phone 4 is coming out. Co-workers are racking up on pens and printer paper for non office use. You could have done that mural in your city, they call that art?, but they did it first. The phrase “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch” as we use it today, means that one person doing wrong can affect a whole group of people. It can mean that the person doing wrong can have a negative influence on those around him or her, causing them to do wrong as well“. With ethics at a all time low the bad apples of yester year are becoming common in society. Are you a person that says ‘The youth are in trouble, there future looks dim” or are people saying this about you. Oh…you don”t care, the world is screwed anyway. The end IS near. Relevance? Bad apples aren’t good, no matter how you slice them. (The part where I tell you how to live your life better or end up looking like this green guy below).


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