Friday Footwear: Faux Wmns Jordan Heels

2 May

*thank you random girl woman person…she corrected me b/c i clearly spelled jordan HEELS as jordan HEALS…good looking out, this changes everything*


Women always had cool colors in Jordan colorways. They were probably only cool because they weren’t just pink with pink accents.  The colors were different, bold and um…new. If you were lucky not to be born with grown man feet then you could wear a pair of womens Jordans and be looked at as cool, not a fool ‘looking differently’.  Jordans in heeled form are exclusive and most likely 1000 percent faux, and probably uncomfortable (Most Jordan sneaker have comfort technology that outweight the cost of the already expensive to some people shoe).  Though these heeled kicks look cool they are extremely exclusive for the WMNS field of wearing (in most places).  Check out a couple of these heeled hoopers…

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One Response to “Friday Footwear: Faux Wmns Jordan Heels”

  1. Air Jordan Heels October 27, 2011 at 04:29 #

    You have misspell jordan heals. The correct one is jordan heels!

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