Hi Gene!! You’re my best friend

2 May

Hygiene should be your best friend. Funk shouldnt be your enemy, cause you might have to keep it close…don’t get me…got me peee po. Don’t you hate going to work and finding out that, hey, my co-workers are trifling…smh…

Red Fox knows nose.

A lesbian goes for her annual physical. After the ob/gyn completes the physical she says, “”Well, you seem to be in perfect health, I couldn’t find a thing wrong in my exam. Furthermore, I’d like to compliment you on your excellent personal hygiene. I have hundreds of patients, and I can’t think of a one of them who keeps her genital area so clean and fresh.”

The patient says, “Well, there’s a perfectly good reason for that, you see, I have a woman in three times a week.”


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