In Retrospect: FAT HO BURGERS

2 May

No words…

Well ok…a couple words. Fat Ho Burgers, Waco Texas. Sigh… In business, you gotz to have yourself a plan. This plan has to extend beyond ‘the block’. The slinky, legos, and micro machines are toys, these toys may have been local until that money started coming in. Food chains can have a tendency to stay pretty local. Kim Kong Chinese food is gonna be on Girard and make the money it needs right there. Chee Burger Chee Burger started out local I bet. 5 Guys started out local. McDonalds was a diner. Fat Ho Burger, i get it. You planned on being local. In a society where you judge a book by its color it can be tough. Trying to stay trendy and hood works out for the likes of Lil Wayne… 

In Retrospect, I don’t think it was a bad idea totally. It’s comical, it IS trendy, and it got popular. Comedy swiftly turned to satire and drama. Fox New and hood sites (with trendy universal appeal) got a hold of this restaurant and went to town. What started as a joke got real serious. RELEVANCE ?!? Book are judged by color. Ask Obama. Black people can’t have nothing, the culture is constantly stolen, and there is a negative hue over the race as a whole. So negative in fact that blacks dont want to be associated with blacks. Fat Ho Burger the joke in a serious world of business is something some black people would consider a set back. Other black people who seem ignorant make a good point saying what’s in a name, it’s just a food joint, try the food if you don’t like it move on. There is no heads or tails of it. I believe both side black white or indifferent would be correct.(I don’t like that it was joke though, don’t mess up your own money.

Having the capital to start up and do what you want with your money is fine but please be sensitive to the people your own integrity (and don’t be high or drinking while coming up with a business plan. I don’t know how business is doing and it may sound like it but I don’t want to hate. Get that money Playgirl. Just don’t take me down while you’re at it.

The menu IS funny…in an unfunny shaking my head kind of way. Good burger started out funny and got real serious though. There was hope.  I can’t call it…was this a good idear?



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