VERSUS: Noah’s Ark vs Daniel’s Lions

2 May

All things are possible through God, Allah, Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So let’s just chill out for a second and talk….


You know a the story. 40 days, 40 nights of rain. Before that. All the animals gathered and put into the Ark. Splash. Dove. Olive branch. Dove. Noah lands. People that hated on Noah. Shark bait. 



Ah ha, you forget. Daniel had to choose. Pray to God, or King Darius. Daniel prayed to God (of course) and King Darius said ‘not cool bro’. Daniel ordered in to lions den. Survives unharmed (thanx to non base God). *Daniel got hated on my the kings men and the king like Daniel, and the king put those hating men in the lions den and they were killed more or less.  

Which on is more believable today?

► We have seen floods. Tsunami’s even. Get an inclining to to build and invincible armada. Grab a couple thousand animals. Wait for storm. Presto.

► Disobey your king. Tended to lions all your life. Or cover yourself with pepper and mint (not peppermint) and also carry with you a chair a whip and a top hat. Wait a while. Come out safe. (Feed the lions early and then head down).

Daniel has got this one in the bag, they are saying there is evidence of an Ark and proof of heavy floods however….

Fry Day Hoof Wear:


Everyone is entitle to an opinion. Blasphemy most people believe will get you some of these shoes though.


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