Retro: The Kool-Aid Juggernaut

3 May

This unlikely pair of Juggernaut and Kool-Aid teaming up made it big time with the help of the early 2000 ands. The rebirth sparked  through family guy and real life xmen movies.

Never like the Juggernaut after Xmen Vs Street fighter, or even after the 8 player X Men arcade game, then you would come to love him after the Viral Juggernaut dub over. Juggernaut B word.

Kool-Aid…well you know him well I bet. Annoying commercials all the through you/ my childhood as far up as Power Rangers. He wasn’t cool like Captian Crunch (was Capt. Crunch cool?) or Mr. Bucket, when it came to being thirsty and you being in the kitchen it worked out great. (Not at the beach,  in some jungle somewhere or at the bank)

Kool-Aid Original

Gets his power from sugar, walls and little children (not in that order)

Juggernaut Original

Gets his power from Crimson Gem of Cyttorak


Historic moments of  The Big Red Machines


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