Retro: The Nose Pick

5 May

There is no term for pee po that picks their nose in a vehicle. You’ve done it. I eat mines afterward, I don’t want that stuff on the side of my seats messing up the calves of my pants.

Nasty habit, or is it like cutting your nails in public. Would you hire the psuedo asian lady to clean your nose. It’s been done, they (not asian ladies, but trained people) clean you right out. What’s the big deal. The things you find…um the thing you find up there can be…okaaaay….I just grossed myself out thing about what’s been pick out over the years. You know your own personal best. Ewww

When it comes to doing it in the car (that’s what she said) nose picking is down right funny. You catch someone at the light going for gold. The next light someone catches you. It’s a site, then you realize, “wait, I’m being watched,  well might as well go all the way” Guilty. All of you that have read this far. My goal. To find a term for this expeditious affair.


One Response to “Retro: The Nose Pick”

  1. ronracer May 5, 2011 at 15:21 #

    If someone who’s after somebodys money is a gold digger then I say someone who picks their nose should be called a jade miner! O what about pear divers!! LOL!

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