Triumph the puppet dog’s cousin is Pig

8 May
Lazarus the Pig could be the cousin of Triumph the insult puppet dog from Conan show.
Lazarus the Pig - Banned Toyota commercial

Script goes as follows:
Intro - PIG: "Hi its me lazzarus the pig with HQ Toyota. Were going to go talk with all the suckers (shit eaters) out there who aren't aware HQ toyota is the best place to buy a toyota."
PIG: "Hey gramps, where did you buy this toyota?"
GRAMPS: "(beep) toyota."
PIG: "Hey don't you know that HQ toyota is number 1???"
Skipped guy#2 b/c it was boring
PIG: "Hey beautiful! Get out of the way ugly, let me talk to your woman over here. Where did you guys buy this toyota?"
GUY: "@ (beep) toyota."
PIG: "How much?"
GUY: "$35k" PIG: "Hey beautiful when they kicked him in the ass (ripped her husband off), did they leave the boot in his ass or did they take it back out???"
Guy and Girl both laugh awkwardly.
PIG: "Where did you buy your toyota?"
YOUNG GUY: "I dunno my mom bought it."
PIG: "Haha, his mom bought it, (looks at the camera) he's even more lost than you are."
Asks some random women for an interview but they decline. 
PIG starts talking to some random woman in a mini van.
PIG: "Hey baby why don't we go for a little ride you and me?"
WOMAN: "Sure ok, but you drive."
PIG: "Hey you sure are an an easy catch, but you don't like to drive?"
WOMAN: "Well no, not really."
PIG: " honey, I don't like to wipe my ass either, but I have to or my ass will smell."
PIG: "What did you pay for this?"
PIG: "How big was the kick in the ass they gave you? (how bad did they rip you off)" GUY IN GLASSES laughs.
PIG: "Hey babe you know why they call me lazarus the pig?"
GIRL: "no, why?"
PIG: "Come here and get a little closer, I'm going to show you."
GIRL: "Oh, you're bad!"
PIG: "Have fun with that ugly guy, and have fun with the toyota too"
Triumph at a glance
Conan O'Brian - Triumph the insult comic dog - Legaly Prohibited tour- Vancouver

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