Fact to the Future

12 May

What we wanted

Delorean 2005

What we got

Delorean OG


Back to the Future  Ectomobile Knight Rider the First….

Nerds world wide want THAT car. No necessarily a Delorean.  They want a car that stands out. A ‘Gear Head’ is nothing but a car nerd. One nerd  (ECTO88 ) got his nerd on with post mods to his Delorean. With a little help he turn this novelty car into a car of the future present. Kudos circa Project Gotham Racing.

ECTO88 – Video Blog #1


Extra D’s


Philadelphia Parking Authoritay

_————-► https://cezl.wordpress.com/2011/04/28/i-cant-speak-for-all-philadelphians-ppa-philadelphia-parking-authoritay/


One Response to “Fact to the Future”

  1. rft3 May 15, 2011 at 01:04 #

    That 2005 Delorean looks pretty cool. I’ll admit, back in the day, I wanted a Delorean dressed as the time machine, but then I realized there’s a bunch of them out there already.

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