iPhone 4 racism… 700 $

12 May

First check out this link


Second, as a graphic designer there are just somethings I have to point out. Finally…grabs your attention right…white phone coma i. Like the black/ dark charcoal grey one wasn’t good enough. FINALLY there is a white one.

Taken out of context. No taken in direct context. Apple didn’t mean that. Well that might be true. I wasn’t waiting for a white iPhone or a White Berry or a Dwight Howard to go to the Lakers. I was waiting for something like New color, or Boo!! iPhone 4, scary in person. Bold new iPhone 4, now in egg shell. Something else. Please.

Not to go on a sensitive whatever Power trip either. People were like it is great to have a Black President. I was more like, YO, i’m glad the President is qualified and doesn’t look like he’s gonna die tommorrow (relatively speaking but whatever).

Apple has great marketing. I’m hating on the lack of effort. They should have did the cover from belly or some fold out nonesense or 3-D nonsense. FINALLY the amazing  iPhone 4. Now available in white…TERRIBLE. Who paid that gal…or guy. I’ll take half and do double.  Sigh….smh…still sounds racist too with a side of poor designing and typography. FIN

gif by cezl

What I see when i see this ad.

Hey Apple…you can’t please everyone.

white on white on white you dig


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