John Stewart protects a Common Man

13 May

Instead of talking about Serena Williams or his wack movies people are still not talking about the music of Common. His poetry made it to the White House. His rap is his poetry but whatever, look up Common, White House, Obama. He didn’t make history but he did make history and is a part of history. Common is well liked because he never seemed to sell out of his ultra corny style while maintaining feel good from the hood real Hip Hop for the people, the people, the people, the people.

He was not well recieved by the (Fox) news after his performance. They made him out the a Lil Wayne, Pastor Troy, Waka Flacka type ‘rapper’. If you know Common AT ALL then you know…I MEAN YOU KNOW he might be seen with these guys maybe at the supermarket or in the stands at an award ceremony. The only thing they may have in common is liking women, bad dressing, questionable lyrics and African decent. Fox New went in on Common calling him all types of cop killers and lyric misogyny.

Enter John Stewart who somehow learned that HEY IT’S COMMON. Don’t want to call the brother soft but really…I don’t want to call him soft. He was a good candidate with edgy enough lyrics/ poetry and Fox news tried to blast this guy Common. I’m sure the Black community was not up in arms so John Stewart and his writers got in the act. I’m sure black people around the way was like ‘come’on though…Common…or all people, you gonna pick on him, he is one of the good guys…wtfn’.

Here’s a clip that explains everything I just said above:


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