Retro: Blue Shell – Origins

17 May

The Blue Shell…wait…lemme start over. um. Ever play Mario Kart anything…yes…then you already know.

No…havent played Mario Kart. Well it’s a racing game with Mario Brothers characters as the driver. Best part about the game. Its a race where you get to hit people with weapons that you ‘pick up’ while driving. FUN…ohhhh it’s so FUUUN.

Blue Shell. This is weapon in the game to ‘make things even’ as most weapons do. This weapoin however, the BLUE SHELL (with the lil wings on the side) is made to only hit the person that is in first place (to make it even, or something like that). When you are good at the game though its a pain in the Ay. Losers BEHIND you have a way of taking you out. The game is not about racing at all, it’s about getting weapon to stop other people from being in front of you until you get around the track enough times. To winning surviving. (BTW i have learned the hard way if you dont get a weapon it’s almost impossible to win.)

Relevance ?!?

The Blue Shell is annoying at best. I’m in first, you are losing, you have a way to knock me out of first. Annoying…bull crap…and the experts of the game that actually can play make it even worst using it right before the finish line and crappy stuff like that.

Relevance = Origins…

Blue Shells are blue Koopa Troopa shells that first appeared in Super Mario World. This was one of the only games where they were actually worn by Koopa Troopas. The Koopa Troopas turn around when reaching a ledge. They also walked faster. They are a rare type of shell, rarer than Red Shells. It can make any Yoshi fly instantly upon putting them in its mouth.(Blue Shells, when eaten, give Yoshi wings that allow it to fly until it swallows the shell, remember that…)

How it came to be a spiked annoying winged gem….idk. It’s from Mario World…Super Nintendo…SNES…the 90’s.



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