VERSUS: Ninja Turtles Vs Man Holes

6 Jun

So, we all like the Ninja turtles right…YEEEESSSSS…well. Outside of the turtles being giant mutants that can talk the Engrish and do the Karate and all that immaginatory (YES IMMAGINATORY) stuff. Lets think about that first and most awesome Ninja Turtle movie, the first one. Yes it was about as accurate as all the Xmen movies before Xmen first class but as a kid or young adult or raging pedophile you had to deal with nothing adding up except the four turtles, shredder and splinter and April Oneal not having that bright yellow suit and red hair


What i’m really trying to say is those giant turtles (think of the old intro) would not be able to jump out of a manhole….

There shells would have been WAAAYYY too big to get in and out. Sewer system…i can did. Different point of entry into sewer system….Yes….

Man Holes are for men….not Turtle….er NINJA GIANT MUTANT NINJA TWICE TURTLES….sorry.


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