All Radio Stations start with Dubb Yay

7 Jun

All Radio stations dont start with W…

West of the Mississippi they start with K.

In North America and codes assigned for diferent types of broadcasting and different in different regions in North America.

When radiotelephone sets began on ships and as more ships came equipped radio soon became a major problem. It was then decided that transmitting and receiving stations be assigned call signs.

When land-based radio stations started up in the early part of the 20th century, the new Federal Radio Commission began to assign call letters- first in alpha-numeric variations and three-and-four letter alpha identifications for commercial operations.

North America would be assigned as follows:

“N” for U.S. Navy stations

“W” for broadcast stations on the amplitude modulation (AM) band and later on the frequency modulation (FM) band east of the Mississippi River and “K” for those stations west of the river

“C” would be assigned to stations originating from Canada

“X” for Mexico

(all that was stolen)


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