Bad Ass on a Budget

12 Jun

A Bad Ass usually already come equipped with tattered cloths. Scarface and Nicky Santoro, were bad men, not even bad guys. I’m talking about Billy freak’n  Bad Ass. Rogue cops like Stallone in Cobra. Lobo, comic character off the charts-ness.  Mr T.  ‘BA’ Barracus the Gritty (BA = bad attitude) negro…

Do u get it yet. Batman wasn’t a bad ass.  Spawn was… (who leaves the house with a cape like that). Ever seen the movie the Warriors. No time for face paint. No roller skates. Just a vest and some native American Indian stuff (Hans Solo could have been a Warrior, with Chewbacca also being a bad ass.   Who leave the house like that? Terminator, No, Ninjas, No, Voltron, No, Goku, No (only after Super Saiyan). Token bad asses are the likes of Vegeta,   Rambo,  Kratos, and Pirates (yes Jack Sparrow too). In fact throw in the Thunder Cats too.  Come on, there uniforms didn’t even match !!!


Clean cut boss from Final Fantasy Sephiroth is hard to beat but not as Bad Ass as Shishio from Kenshin / Samuri x. Who leaves the house like that ??

(Shishio on right)

Bad Ass can’t be messed with. They are too tough (Chuck Norris Theory) This is possibly due to hard living at a young age, or starting the work force too early. They are not usually poor. They clearly don’t spend money on looking nice. A vest, a holster, a tank top, tight jeans, jewelry of some sort, and standard grimace of the non McDonald’s era. 

No no nope. Kid Rock and Violent Jay in a tux looks like white trash in a tux (no disrespect to white trash or Kid Rock and the guy that play Violent Jay cause I’m trying to make a point about bad asses). Slash can’t clean up like Lenny Kravitz can. Ice Cube even in them funny kid movies still looks like he would tear some stuff up while Jay Z can clean it up in like 5 mins.

Final thought…

Chuck Norris, never looked like James Bond. Ever. David Kane Carradine though looked kept and unkempt. Ok thats a lie Carradine in a tux looks like he would tear stuff up…silently.

Sorry…lemme get back. A Key trait is always the sleeveless vest when it comes to a bad ass. Liono, Hans solo, Lobo, Kid Rock, Violent J, pirates, Rambo, BA Baracus…something about a sleeveless vest says I may look like I don’t have a lot of money, but I am rough around the edges and ill kick your ass up and down the street cause I’m a bad ass…

More over women can be bad asses too…

Sara Conner in terminator, the Crew in the movie Set it Off and Michelle Rodriguez in most movies.

Not Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and the likes…

Respect the tank top

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