Love: Beauty gets attention..personality gets the heart!

12 Jun

“She’s / He’s not perfect but she / he is perfect for me”

You ever wonder….

“Gosh how did he get her”.

“How the hell did they get married before me”

“Did he wife that up ?? How? Why?”

Good looking girls/ guys are just that…good looking. There are some with substance (from other planets and deep in the mountains or rain forest) with very few in the general population. Kim Kardashins sister get married before her? Please !?! When u think about it you learn them sisters had to use survival tactics. They probably were not as rich as Kim but they probably were rich in personality (Shout out to Kim’s personality). Hallie Berry un-married/ attached again, Lauren London a baby momma (love you beau, no hate), but Katie Holmes and Princess Kate Middlewhoever are married. <<Not a black white thing, just a celebrity thing, I’m free styling>>
I want to run down a list of seriously ugly people (Katie Holmes and Princess aint ugly, I’m just saying in comparison to pretty people) that are married and the good looking people that are not. Everyone has a different flavor and time. Mariah Carrey is just now getting it together. Random super attractive female can’t buy a bucket…er bouquet…(I’m would mention guys that aren’t married or beau’d up but royal oats sowing takes time and practice)

  You got these average, average girls/ guys that are with these top shelf looking folks and you think…

“is someone ugly in the Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie relationship??”

“Is the Victoria David Beckham relationship a leg short??” 

Let’s look and Jay Z and Beyonce. J-Lo and Marc  ‘Steve Buscemi’ Anthony. Katie Perry and Russell “Animal” Brand. The list goes on and on.  Katie Perry’s dude must be tons of fun…Jay Z buys islands for his girl. Marc A does…whatever…so idk… On the outside i personally think…HOW?



?? Deep down, all women want a man with money ??

Amber Rose says: It depends; we could have the garbage truck driver who treats us good and cooks, and really just fall in love with him. Or we can have the guy with millions of dollars, and he’s a fucking dick. I think women want a man with money, but sometimes they get one and realize he’s just a man with money. At the end of the day, money can’t make you happy.



YOU KNOW…I NEVER SEE BASEBALL PLAYERS WITH UGLY WIVES (prove me wrong please…I’m talking the big shots, not the little shots)

Some guys, you see them in town holding hands with a troll and I think…

” Maybe her sex number is low”

“She MUST be doing something right in bed” 

Then I use reason…

“She might just be a cool female with a not so cool female face.”

You may see a girl with a ugly guy and you know…

-He love the Lord

-He got big meat…

– He has A LOT of money…

If he’s not getting into a new car with her then you already know what it is (no homo).
Final Though

Relationships are funny and to each his / her own. You know deep down if  your partners not hot while you deal with the good times…or the big C or tight V. Love is truly blind for the people in it, but you gotta be IN LOVE.  The rest of the world can tell you about you or make faces your partner makes regularly. The theory “You should go with the pretty girl if you are pretty, or vice versa” is outdated because of the economy, drugs, hipsters and smart cars. In the end its all in what you are willing to deal with. How you want your kids not to look….it is not just how you look to other people…

Both wearing green and I bet their names are Kate or Katie…


******UPDATE = KIM Kardashian WAS MARRIED BEFORE HER SITES AT 19…BUT SHE DINT STAY MARRIED AND HER FIRST HUSBAND WAS BLAH LIKE I SAID…but i was wrong she was married before her sisters*****

Damon Thomas compared to Ray J or Reggie Bush






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