I Cant Speak For All Philadelphians: Kyle Kendrick and the Phillies

12 Jun

With the Big 3 on deck the Philly Phillies are looking to have another great year.

Big 3.  Some say big 5. I would really want to say Big 2. Today we go with Big 3, Hamels, Halladay, and Lee. Don’t know their first names….the your outta here…

Ok. We got pitching, and then we don’t. Our bull pen will probably have the best seasons of their lives though. The pressure is always on when Jesus and Moses and Abraham go at it. All the other saints now have to perform mircles on the pitching mound to make these top notch altheles look better.

Backing up Michael Jordan, or Wayne Gretzky, or Emmit Smith is no small feet even to this day. You have to leave your A game at home and bring your AP Honor game to work. Imagine having to back up Kobe, Lebron and No no no Nowitzki !! (they can all back each other up)

This season so far pitchers like Kyle Kendrick and Oswalt have got to NOT be George of the Jungle but Joan of Arc. Each day this season should not be about the pressure of playing with greats. Each day should be relaxed, Each game a lesson given, not taken, for the post season. There are about 437 more games left to play till October so during this time development of the pitching game should rise to shut out levels. Not maxing out. A Steady pace to post season greatness. (I AM TELL THE BULL PEN TO STRIKE PEOPLE OUT  WITH GREAT VENGENCE A FURIOUS ANGER BECAUSE THE PRESSURE IS NOT ON BACKING UP THE BIG 3 ITS ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE GREAT PITCHER YOU WILL BECOME BY PLAYOFF TIME)

Pitching behind Lee, Halladay and Hamels to save their carreers and makes them look better will only boast the individuals like Kyle Kendrick’s career.  Kendrick can get millions (more) like Jason Worth (werth). A second wind in a a decent career as a baseball player. If  it doesn’t happen then the send decisions will be made and pitchers will be eliminated. Thats right, to the minor where they will be the Lee /  Halladay/ Hamels of the minors because of the game stepping up that the sluggers in the majors sluggers cause they couldn’t get it together
Go phillies relief and bull pen…dig us out deep in the innings…or get booed like Santa

(Shout out to Joe Blanton. This article was suppose to be about him and the awesome pitching he would have been delivering due to the superstars at his side)

Cliff LEE

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