Retro: Bokeem Woodbine

12 Jun

Bokeem Woodbine: The Anti Hero

Now you know this guy. Always portrayed as some kind of a-hole in a movie. A role that makes u mad or twist the plots. One things for sure, the guy is consistent. He’s been featured in blockbuster movies, jump started actors/ actress careers, and has always let u down when it comes to that smile ( NO HOMO the brother got a nice smile but you know when he smile he’s up to no good and about to make u watch the last 45minutes of a movie in grief and or disgusted…some good acting type stuff). Samuel Jackson is my homeboy but if there’s a life time achievement for being “that guy”, then BO Woodbine is it !!  I can appreciate him now taking those roles, looking at those scripts like, dam you Sam Jackson, Morgan Freedman (who I hate), and Denzel ‘wanna be taking something’ Washington.

Bokeem started out starting in the TV movie ‘Strapped’ (remember Strapped) in 1993. He is 20 years in the movie industry and has starred/ co-starred in many favorites listed on IMDB – Crooklyn,  Jason’s Lyric, Dead Presidents, Freeway, The Rock, Gridlock’d, The Big Hit, The Sopranos, Shark, Edmond, Ray, Jasper Texas,  3000 Miles to Graceland, and Saving Grace to name a few. These movies have big named actors tagged with them and Bokeem was right there with them foiling a plan or represent an antagonist to remember.

Shout out to a Bokeem Woodbine who is said to be very humble and funny (outside of work). You can’t say he’s not a movie star and though the roles may not show it, he made someone proud just being on the big screen. So a harty salute to Bokeem Woodbine and all his accomplishments on the screen. Thought not highly decorated he took roles and played them well. Black Actors !!!…circa Dave Chappelle.

He got a kid on the way too…congrats


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