Coors Light Train – Silver Bullet History

22 Jun

So Coors couldn’t use a real silver bullet with werewolves and cowboys n whut not because guns dnt kill people, bullets kill people, it’s just bad press.

So Coors got them selves a SILVER BULLET TRAIN to also shed a redneck image vampire hunter image (copyright) ©

The Truth about Coors

Coors invented the pollution free push tab can, however, (YES…push tab) so consumers disliked the top and it was discontinued soon afterward. The long and current slogan of  “Silver Bullet” to describe Coors Light is not for the beer but for the silver colored can in which the beer is packaged. Coors Light was once produced in the “yellow bellied” cans like Coors Banquet, however, when the yellow coloring was removed and the can was left mostly Silver, many dubbed the beer as “The Silver Bullet”.

How this train works?

Two big wheels chugging on a refrigerated chassis with sonic cold air intake that helps your imagination think a super fast train that has semi attractive people on it with Coors Light for FREE is on its way to pick you up after a long day at work…then bam it’s over and something about you kidneys….


Coors has single largest brewing company in the world in Colorado



When a guy uses Icy-Hot to lube up a condom then proceeds to insert his penis into the woman’s vagina. It’s called this due to the Coors commercials with the Coors train freezing everything. The penis is the train.
You can make it a Coors Train Express if she notices that her vagina feels wierd, at which point, you pull out and run like an express train.


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