Wipe the Coal from My Eye

22 Jun

…and see who’s this paging me, and why


Simple explanation…

Eye snot in the corner of one’s eye upon waking is a normal buildup of tears, mucous, and dirt that appears at the edge of the eyelids after sleep, sometimes inaccurately called mucopurulent discharge.

Intermediate explanation…

These fluids are full of bacteria, and cause a reaction of the eye to produce more tears. The bacteria then feast on the tears but are soon fought off by the body’s immune system, causing the inflammation to pass within a few hours. What you are left with is the remains of the battle field stuck in your eye. The proteins coagulate and become first sticky and then rock hard as they crystallize.

Tecnical explanation…

The organ plica semilunaris, located around the eye, secretes a sticky substance that collects dust/pollen that could be in your eye, obviously to prevent damage to the cornea. This is then transported outside of the eye and of course dries out to form the, er, ‘sleep boogers’.

Internets explanation…

I reckon this is more noticeable when we wake up because we don’t blink while asleep, and blinking/rubbing our eyes would really eliminate any trace or reason for this to become evident causing “sleep crud,” “crud,” “sleep,” “crisp,” “crispies,” “sleep crispies”, “coal” in your eyes.



3 Responses to “Wipe the Coal from My Eye”

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