Friday Footwear: Fake Jordans…not a good look

24 Jun

If you are a sneaker head then you already know

Pee po never get it when it comes to Jordans. They can’t be just on your feet.

If you got some fake ones I can’t knock your hustle.


. The first place to check is the production numbers. You do this by matching the number on the inside tag with the number on the box.

.Fake Jordan box tags usually give a sign of spelling mistakes or acronyms. Air Jordan 7 Retro greater than but not equal to A JRDN 7 RET

.Is your box small, like a woman’s shoe would come in….then it’s a fake box that will most likely have fake shoes.

. The box that fake Air Jordans come in doesn’t have the same print quality as the authentic Air Jordan boxes. Click on the photo to the right to see an enlarged example.

 .Retro card inside the box obviously copied or otherwise fake looking, the shoes probably are too.

. All your Air Jordans have their release dates, to the day, printed on the tag! Use this info to double check rarity, and as a check to determine between Air Jordan Retros and Originals.

. Look for the Jumpman logo on chrome lace ends, for shoes that come with them.

.Look for 4 finger and one shoe lace stiched on each shoe of the Jumpman. Make sure it’s not just painted on the shoes. Your Jumpman should NOT have 3 fingers….

. There are No orange Nike tags.

. Look for obvious deformities in your jumpman logos! Misshapen arms, midsections, heads…take a look at the jumpman to the right, for instance.

. Compared to Real Jordans the Fake Jordans will have compress numbers and lighter shades of color (that will not hold up for years). What should be patent or gloss will be dull.



. The original & retro ones are the only Air Jordan to feature the swoosh on the outside. However, the original 2 – 8’s do feature one on the insole. Besides those shoes, Nike swoosh’s on Air Jordans means beware.

. Your shoes should never be wrapped in tissue paper, only the standard brownish paper standard on most Nike shoes.

. Beware unbelievable colors! Check our model guide for a COMPLETE listing of colorways.

.Shoes shipped from Asia are sometimes good.

. Any shoe marked “B” grade on a website or in a shoe means it has a defect. These shoes are commonly available at factory outlets, or wholesalers that would have ties to Nike corporate.

.Fake Jordans are shorter in height.

.Playing for high quality shoe with high quality materials means the shoe is gonna look the same for some years. If it looks limp out of the box then they are no good. (Tounge, toe, heal)

. Imperfections. Real Jordans are smooth all the way around inside and out. Though Fake Jordans may come from the same stencil they will be ‘unsmooth’ with small triangles on the guts/ cuts/ edges. They will have strings…chilling…that is not Real Jordan quality.

. Real Jordans shoes the colors don’t bleed in to other colors. They will miss an edge before they leak over. If they miss then they are usually B grade imperfections sold at outlets.

.There are a like 2 Jordans that you can remove the insole. The XXI, the  Fly Wade, and i forget the other one. If you can remove your soles you are in trouble. If you can remove them for whatever reason…the stitching wont look like you did it late friday night with a gun to your head.

.The laces can be purchased….then they are Fake, usually….


. Carbon Fiber is hard as heck. Fake Jordans have carbon fiber painted on some plastic. (the checker box black and grey pattern that is hard as on your instep on the outsole). You can scratch the paint off, and bend it. You can’t bend carbon fiber on your REAL Jordans…


.If you take a flash light and hold it behind the white tag inside the shoe you will notice white perforations on the side of the tag. You have fakes.


Each line has a fake. I didn’t do the research. I was lazy. Fakes are out there. Fake 2’s…Fake 5’s…Fake 7’s…Fake 11’s…Fake Fake FAKE. 


It’s hard to spot a fake, and some fakes look better and even make more sense than originals. Fakes are good to play ball in. Fakes are good to take to All-Star Weekend. The only thing wrong with fakes is that I will know, the next sneaker head will know, and sadly, you already know.


There ARE a LOT of player PE (Player Edition) shoes out there. Jason Kid, Ray Allen, Mike Bibby and Gary Payton have some Jordans for you in some color ways. Eddie Jones and Carmello also have excellent PE that you would think are fake. NO. they are Real Jordans that look Fake. If it’s too good to be true though…they probably are fake.






4 Responses to “Friday Footwear: Fake Jordans…not a good look”

  1. marissa rosado July 12, 2012 at 23:23 #

    how can yu guys tell if shoes r fake??

    • Cezl July 15, 2012 at 18:59 #

      there are sites with list like flight club and jordan23 plus there are release dates for all shoes with “exclusive” color ways, plus the material of the shoe is terrible.

    • Home Boy September 4, 2012 at 15:29 #

      by lookin at da fin on dat shii…

  2. Patrick April 2, 2014 at 12:49 #

    fuckk you

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