LOVE ♥: She or he won’t claim me

24 Jun

If you are not married to someone, then you are single.



Relationship advice is hard to give. The reason being…everything has been done. Everything is old news to someone with experience. Finding a baseline can be hard. Here is positive baseline to stand on when considering or while in a relationship…

“You should be able to feel unconfined in a relationship. Relationship are a lot of commitment if not all commitment. One really has to love and RESPECT the other person. One will have to accept a persons flaws and all. As much as you want to change a person one should let that person live freely in the relationship and love and respect them for who/ what they are. (Doing so on both ends is hard to find thus the challenge and the magic). Lastly, with complete acceptance of one and other one will be able to be completely (YES COMPLETELY)  honest with the other person NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT HURTS (cause you have accepted and trust and respect each other and it will be from the heart)


-Trust no one

-That’s too hard to do and I have to have the upper hand

-All my relationships have always worked out, that’s why I’ve had so many

DISCLAIMER: Result may vary. Enter Relationships AT YOUR OWN RISK. Stay in Relationships at your own risk.  


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