What is Love?? REAL New Clear Love

6 Aug

What is a real Love. Does it have to involve the things picture above ?

You hear it, feel it, do it, done it, hate it. It’s unconditional, true, everlasting and a pain in the a$$ thing.

When you think of love you thing of hearts, rings, insanity brewing.

That’s some Love right there i recken

Tell me you love me honey pie…or die Love

Love makes you wanna fart it out and hug it out at the same time.

Love doesn;t always have to be a diamond

Love doesn’t mean that you are trapped…

Love is beyond all of us. It will touch us and we wont even know it until years later. An example of Love today will come from the  COCKLES of Japan. Men and women are risking there lives as they know it for Love. They are risking it for a future they may never know for lives the will never see our touch. At most these people will only be remembered.

yes you read that right….SMART…SELFLESS…LOVE…


sorry for cussing

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