Love: A Womans Male Friends

9 Aug

“We All Trying to F**K”

There’s nothing wrong with it. Just don’t act like ‘youainteanknow’. All your guy friends are with you for (a hand full of ) one reason. Some women are guilty too. Shout out to the guilty harbor shark women.

I’m not saying it’s wrong for guys to to or calling them out. I just dont want women, GROWN ASS WOMEN, walking around thinking dumb things like that. Cause deep down you know males with female friends are not the cup of tea of women. Cause women, what is that B-word doing around your man trying to hang out talking on the phone all the time for.

I know women. You are like “UGLY Terry will never get those draws” Well if you hang with Ugly Terry, and he got your number, and yall talk regularly, then UGLY Terry already GOT them draws…it’s only a matter of time.

MORE WOMEN COULD GET THERE GOAL OF MARRIAGE AND AVOID HOE-DUM IF THEY KNEW THIS SIMPLE STUFF. Your pastor calls you too much, Deacon Harry always got you at church, and they married…sista they are trying to ….SPOKEN Reason video will illustrate what i’m trying to say much better…you don’t hear me though….




Shout Out to SpokenReasons for keeping it 100 all the time….

Why Do You Think Your Man Dont Like None Of Your Male FriendS?? – by Spoken Reasons TV



You're gonna be as easy as this answer

Short Story about picture above;

Guy meets girl. Guy meets girl he likes. Same classes. Guy want to pop, if you didn’t know already. Guy either finds a way to need help or give help. Guy does not give F’s about F’s in this class. Guy wants F’s from this F in class. Guy eventually pops. Guy wins. Girl realizes that he wasn’t a good friend years later and that was his motive after all. Guy has epic win. (ALT – Guy and girl study hard and eventually have sex and live happily ever after her boyfriend finds out, another epic ‘he’s just my friend, and he’s trying to help me victory’)* This story could also be a plot by the female on the unsuspecting young dedicated male*


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