RULE 34 (Perverts Love Disney Stuff)

9 Aug

“Some folks get down on the mouse, but not a Topless Roboteer. So in the course of collecting Disneyana and booking hotel reservations at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, I have noticed one major thing: perverts love Disney ish. “

 Rule 34 – the rule that everything, no matter how weird, is sexually arousing to someone, and that someone put an erotic fan picture or fan art of THAT something getting sexed on the internet


Invented just to cover the vast amount of Disney garbage out there. There are some characters who show up frequently, Disney Princesses especially, everybody from the Disney Afternoon and Toon Disney. “

-Topless Robot <<<link

(Topless Robot person then goes on to describe, with pictures, lil anthropomorphic creatures from Disney and there lil sexual grandeur…)

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One Response to “RULE 34 (Perverts Love Disney Stuff)”

  1. hotshot bald cop September 2, 2011 at 09:47 #

    Properly put from an important blogger

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